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Helpful Tips

3 Myths About Ranking In The WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Plugin Directory Ranking Myths
We recently launched a premium WordPress plugin called, SkyStats. SkyStats provides an alternative WordPress dashboard that creates a mashboard of marketing analytics data. One of our first tasks was to create a freemium version of the plugin and get it listed on the WordPress Plugin Directory. We felt that the directory would provide us the initial exposure to help create some initial buzz about the plugin. So I was tasked with how we should optimize the listing to ensure maximum exposure for our plugin within the WordPress Plugin Directory search results. (more…)

3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics

3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics
Tracking visitor statistics, page views and the overall use of your WordPress website has never been easier than with Google Analytics. When you have a blog, eCommerce shop or a website that represents your business, implementing Google Analytics onto your WordPress site can sometimes be difficult for the non-technical person. So we have put together three WordPress plugins that you can install to easily add the Google Analytics tracking code to your entire site within minutes. (more…)