3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics

3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics
Tracking visitor statistics, page views and the overall use of your WordPress website has never been easier than with Google Analytics. When you have a blog, eCommerce shop or a website that represents your business, implementing Google Analytics onto your WordPress site can sometimes be difficult for the non-technical person. So we have put together three WordPress plugins that you can install to easily add the Google Analytics tracking code to your entire site within minutes.

Google Analytics by Yoast

Using Google Analytics by Yoast is one of the most reliable and well-known choices when tracking site statistics and performance. Google Analytics by Yoast gives individuals the ability to connect any blog or website using WordPress with the simple use of the API. Once you have followed the easy steps available from the plugin itself it is possible to begin immediately tracking page views, visitors and overall popularity within the WordPress dashboard itself. One of the benefits of using Google Analytics by Yoast is the ability to download tracking reports while creating specific targets of individuals and demographics you want to reach. Downloadable tracking reports are essential when looking to gain insight into the growth potential of any online business or website.

Google Analytics by Yoast also offers additional features such as the ability to ignore certain IP addresses and individual users, which is ideal for companies with a growing number of writers, bloggers and employees. Tracking 404 page errors as well as search engine results is another useful method to ensure you are delivering content that is working and wanted by those who have a genuine interest in your website and what it represents. Tracking outbound links, login details and new user registration is also a possibility with the use of the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin.

Plugin URL: Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

If you are seeking a WordPress plugin that is integrated into the administration panel of WordPress itself that allows you to view more information related to your site’s stats, consider Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP gives users the option of viewing the total number of sessions, users, search engine results and even the total bounce rate of your website from the admin panel of WordPress.

A major advantage of using the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is the ability to quickly log in to your site’s own admin panel to get a quick visual look of your website and its current performance. Accessing the Google Analytics Dashboard within the WordPress interface is a way to save time from logging into your traditional Google Analytics account. With a visual interface utilized with Google Analytics Dashboard for WP it is much easier to track the most popular pages, posts and outbound links which are attracting the most users and page views to your site altogether.

It is possible to integrate social channels, campaigns and even geographical targeting into the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin, making it unnecessary to check the traditional Google Analytics site for the details you are seeking.

Plugin URL: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analyticator

If you want to integrate Google Analytics with a simple JavaScript code, consider using the Google Analyticator WordPress plugin. Google Analyticator helps to quickly and swiftly integrate Google Analytics without having to work with the template code and programming yourself, ideal if you are not familiar with WordPress themes and editing them individually. With the use of Google Analyticator it is also possible to display all of the information from Google Analytics right within the administration panel of your WordPress site.

Integrating Google Analytics with Google Analyticator can be done with the use of various widgets which are ideal to implement with existing themes available for the latest and most updated version of WordPress currently. Tracking links along with your site’s speed is also possible with the integration of Google Analyticator, giving you more insight into your website’s overall performance when running new campaigns or checking the popularity of your business or blog.

Plugin URL: Google Analyticator

While SkyStats does not have the capability to install Google Analytics code on your site, these three WordPress plugins can. Once you have the Google Analytics tracking code installed you can easily connect SkyStats to your Google Analytics account and display the latest analytic data right in your WordPress dashboard. SkyStats makes it easy to have an all-in-one business dashboard right inside WordPress to keep track of the data that matters most to you.