The Big Idea of SkyStats: Why It’s A Better WordPress Dashboard

Best WordPress Dashboard for Web Development | SkyStats

Show of hands – who remembers seeing this announcement when it was first posted?

Best WordPress Dashboard Announcement | SkyStats

If you were one of the then relative few that decided to use this newest CMS (Content Management System) for your website, give yourself a pat on the back for recognizing greatness!

From its launch in May, 2003, WordPress evolved from a little-known blog software to a full-service CMS that continues to improve; winning accolades for its ease of use, accessibility, SEO enhancement, and unequalled customization potential due to the thousands of plugins created by the users themselves.

If WordPress is already so great, why is the SkyStats dashboard plugin necessary?

3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics

3 WordPress Plugins That Install Google Analytics
Tracking visitor statistics, page views and the overall use of your WordPress website has never been easier than with Google Analytics. When you have a blog, eCommerce shop or a website that represents your business, implementing Google Analytics onto your WordPress site can sometimes be difficult for the non-technical person. So we have put together three WordPress plugins that you can install to easily add the Google Analytics tracking code to your entire site within minutes. (more…)