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7 Significant Reasons SkyStats is Ahead of the Competition

The Best Facebook Dashboard Plugin  | SkyStats

Businesses love WordPress. SkyStats is a WordPress plugin. There’s a reason why SkyStats is the best!

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably seen that there are at least 50 other business dashboard options out there for viewing your website’s stats. There are 3rd party tools that let you login on their site every time you want to see a breakdown of your business’ online performance and there are companies that will take time and money to design and add a dashboard to your existing site. These options require you to spend money and/or jump through hoops, just to pull all your business data together into a single view.

Rather than use yet another third party tool or pay for a web designer to create one from scratch, wouldn’t you prefer a business dashboard that is already fully designed, ready-to-use, and can be added to your site with a click?

Until SkyStats’ WordPress dashboard, that wasn’t even an option.

Why is SkyStats the essential business dashboard?

We know all the info we’ve listed above because we did our research as well. We found:

  • WordPress is used by 60.2% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 24.1% of all websites. (w3techs)
  • Among the top one million websites in the world, the lion’s share of those powered by WordPress are related to business. (Torque)
  • There have been 963,800,885 total downloads of WordPress plugins by users. (WordPress)
  • Over 55% of the average person’s time is spent on tasks (admin, emails, etc.) other than their primary (and generally more profitable), duties. (WorkFront)

So we’re concluding:

  • If you have an online business, there’s a good chance it’s a WordPress site.
  • As a WordPress user you enjoy the convenience and assistance of its plugins.
  • You probably would like to spend less time on secondary tasks (because time is money).

If you agree with the above statements, then you’ll find that SkyStats is the essential WordPress dashboard for your business!

And here’s why you should choose SkyStats’ WordPress dashboard instead of the competition…

So why exactly is SkyStats a better option than the other competitors out there? Well, for starters…


1. SkyStats is a WordPress plugin (it bears repeating!).

The reason it bears repeating is because nothing will integrate with your WordPress site as seamlessly, painlessly, and affordably as a WordPress plugin. Being a plugin is one of the biggest reasons SkyStats is a better option than other business dashboard tools.


2. SkyStats works in a familiar setting.

You already have a WordPress site; you know what to expect and how to make it work for you. With SkyStats you won’t be required to remember a new login, learn a new system, or be required to add yet another tool to your already full toolbox. With SkyStats you can monitor all your analytics, campaigns, and updates within the comfort and ease of your own site.


3. SkyStats is easily customizable.

As we’ve said, SkyStats is only a download away and just as customizable as a custom-designed dashboard. We’re constantly adding integrations to SkyStats to make sure that it has every single tool you use, all viewable in beautifully-designed widgets.


4. SkyStats is DIY-friendly.

You don’t need to pay for a custom dashboard from a web dev team and then wait for them to design and implement SkyStats on your site. You download the plugin, add and delete widgets as needed, and determine what data you do and don’t want to see, all without having to ask a dashboard web development guy to edit it for you.


5. SkyStats works on its own.

There are other plugins out there that allow you to view your data, but you have to get a plugin for each integration you want, and then those plugins often involve downloading other plugins to work. SkyStats is a single click, a single download, a single plugin. And that means…


6. SkyStats won’t slow down your site.

Since 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, our WordPress dashboard is built light. While maintaining a lot of features and excellent design, we’ve kept speed as a priority. We use the SkyStats dashboard on our sites and we don’t enjoy slow loading times any more than you. 


7. SkyStats is a click away.

Do you already have a WordPress site? If you do, then guess what – you already have a dashboard that can turn into a sleek, all-in-one business dashboard with a single click.

You may find SkyStats to be the best WordPress dashboard!

Because you care about your business and want it to succeed, you like keeping your finger on the pulse of your site’s online marketing efforts. You like seeing stats that confirm a marketing strategy is effective or getting notified when an ad campaign needs tweaking. SkyStats’ WordPress dashboard plugin gives you a comprehensive, birds-eye view of your online business performance quickly and easily, allowing you to stay on top without falling behind.

No more multiple logins. No more third parties. No more time wasting. Those issues are resolved with SkyStats.

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